TS Enercon Ltd. is a Budapest-based engineering and consulting organization specializing in spent fuel management issues, safety and reliability of fuel cycle facilities and the design of fuel storage methodologies both for nuclear power plants and research reactors,


The Company was established in 1996 to offer specialist consultancy services in the area of fuel management and safety, the preparation of Safety Analysis Reports, including all the necessary technical and engineering studies for the Hungarian and foreign clients. In addition, because of its strategic location and knowledge of the local conditions, the company can serve as a connecting joint between Western companies/suppliers and Eastern-European experts.


TS Enercon Ltd. is small in staff, broad in expertise and experience, with special emphasis on the practical application of this knowledge to the Russian (formerly Soviet) designed reactor types,


TS Enercon Ltd. was formed by a former Senior Officer of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Hungarian experts with broad experience in the design of nuclear power technologies joined the Company and other highly specialized professionals with wide ranging experience (such as radioactive waste management, decommissioning, radioactive material transportation and nuclear material sciences) are available as Associates to serve the clients.


TS ENERCON Kft. has expertise in the nuclear industry gained from working in various environments such as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Architect Engineering companies, consulting firms, or research organisations and universities. Specific areas where services to the nuclear industry were provided by the staff of TS ENERCON Kft. or its associates include:


        Design and Safety Assessment of spent fuel storage facilities for nuclear power plants

        Management of radioactive wastes from all types of nuclear installations

        Design of radioactive waste storage and transportation systems and equipment

        Storage of nuclear fuel at research and test reactors

        Components of research and test reactors

        Decommissioning of nuclear facilities

        Research into specific topics, e.g. radioactive waste management equipment development, material behaviour in high radiation environment

        Organising project management tasks for all of the above-mentioned subjects.